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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work From Home Selling Soil

First off this is a post done by me, and I have no affiliation or experience with the company mentioned. All I do is help steer people who want to work from home to opportunities I find. If you have experience in the Agriculture field, then Larger Harvest might be the work from home job for you. You can become a dealer, and in some states there doesn't appear to be very many dealers, so you wouldn't have a ton of competition. Obviously you would have to have contacts in the industry to help you get to people who want to buy the product, which is basically organic enriched soil. The Larger Harvest website states you don't have to buy or distribute the product directly, you just make the sales. If you are interested in learning more visit the Larger Harvest, become a dealer webpage.


Brinda said...

amazing post .a lots of good information . i will recommend this to my friends

Melissa said...

Thank you!

p4parttime said...

This is very interesting post and you are absolutely right freelancing work is getting huge and there are following benefits Flexibility of hours, Work load control, New skills, No office politics, No commute.

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