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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barefoot Books Winter Sale

Barefoot Books is having their annual Winter sale, with up to 60% off, and free shipping on all qualified orders. Click the banner below to begin shopping now.

Barefoot Books are award winning children's books, videos, puzzles and other activities. My children own these books, and now your children can as well.


Diane said...

I've been busy filling my shopping cart! Of the sale items, which are your favorites?

Melissa said...

Diane, I am my number one customer LOL. I really do love them all, but right now we are enjoying the book that focuses on Tanzania. It is a wonderful book and my kids have learned a little bit of Swahili along the way.

Diane said...

That was my very first Barefoot Book :-)

And yes . . . I'm my best customer, too!

Melissa said...

Do you sell only online, or do you host parties and events? I don't have the time for anything other than online right now, and I need to get this blog going a bit more to get more visualization.

Diane said...

I'm pretty new--just joined in October. Did a bunch of holiday shows/ladies' nights. Some great, some not. I'm exhibiting at my first teacher conference later this month (I'm a former teacher) and trying to line up local storytelling times. I wasn't planning to do home parties, but I did one and even with just 4 guests it was pretty successful. Just having a ball!

Melissa said...

That is pretty good I must say. Maybe I will try a home party in the future. I would rather wait until the economy improves because people always feel like they have to buy something when you have a party like that. I am increasing my Facebook and Twiiter exposure, so hopefully that will help too.

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