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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Check Out My New Facebook Page

Check out my new Facebook Page!/pages/Melissas-Menagerie-Of-Stuff/144743452237212 If you have a Facebook page and would like some fans, then I will do a fan swap with you. Leave me a comment with your page address, like my page, and we are good to go. Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Healthy Spooky Recipes From Barefoot Books

If you have kids then you need some healthy spooky recipes. The recipes below were written by a Barefoot Books author, and they were kind enough to share them with all of us. Simply click this link to go to the recipes. You can shop why you are there too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giveaways, Linky Love, and Commenters Club

OK I need to get this blog jumping and jiving. First let me tell you about two awesome giveaways on my other blogs. At Melissas Homeschool, you can win a membership for cool Christmas and New Years to print. There is Bingo, Trivia, Trivial Pursuit plus tons more and they can be for family night, parties, or group activities. It is free to enter and one lucky person will win it. At Melissas Jewelry you can win a Pink Tourmaline ring in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. They are free to enter, and you don't have to stand on your head and spit nickels to enter.

Now how about some Linky Love for this blog. Anyone who leaves me a comment with their link will be included in the exchange. You must agree to put a link to this blog on your site. If you don't intend to do it, please don't join in. This is for this blog only, not my others. Anyone who is willing to participate can join.

How about a commenter exchange too? If anyone is interested just leave me a comment and I will add a section for Comment Love. If you want to join in the Comment Love section, you must agree to visiting other members in the Comment Love section and leaving comments, at least once a week.

OK that should be a good start. So lets get going. Have an awesome Saturday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tales Of Mystery and Magic Book With CD

Just in time for Halloween, you can get this awesome Children's book for your kiddies. To purchase this book go to my Barefoot Books Store. This is a brand new book to the Barefoot Books collection.

Tales of Mystery and Magic

A bewitching world of mystery and magic awaits you! Meet singing elves with magical feet; skeletons that move of their own accord; and a heroic blackbird who outwits a powerful king. Master storyteller Hugh Lupton is at his exceptional best as he shares the most mysterious tales in his repertoire. Book with CD editions include stories read by Hugh Lupton.

Ages 6 and up

Retold By: Hugh Lupton

Illustrated By: Agnese Baruzzi

Hardcover w Story CD ($19.99)

Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Write Better

So you got your blog, and you want to do some paid posts, or freelance writing, but you are not confident in your writing ability. Take it from me the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Some people are magnificent writers, and the words just seem to flow smooth and effortless. Then there are those of us who have to try extra hard to be good at it. The book below can not only help you be a better writer, but speaker and reader as well. Check it out, it might help you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Advertise Your Blog With Adgitize

I used to be a member at Adgitize, but I just don't have time for all of the sites I used to use. This site is different in that they actually pay you to be a member and support other bloggers. Payout is ten dollars with Paypal. It is easy to do, and if you upgrade you can actually make better money. Like I said I do not use this site anymore, but I was a free member, and made several ten dollar payouts before I stopped using it. If you have a blog, and you need to drive traffic to your site, check out Adgitize. Be sure to read all their FAQ's and terms before signing up, so you know the ins and outs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Day To Save 20% In My Barefoot Books Store

Today is the last day you can save 20% on all orders. Be sure to enter the code Autumn in the code box at checkout to get the savings. Any orders over 60 dollars will receive free shipping as well. Go to Melissas Barefoot Book Store, and start shopping now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Win Free Jewelry On My Jewelry Blog

Want to start your Christmas shopping for free? Then head over to Melissas Jewelry, read the rules, and get your entry in to win this beautiful ring.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Traffic To Your Blog With Entrecard

So you got a blog. You did get a blog right? If you didn't, you need to. You can make money from blogging. If you use a free blog like blogger there are not as many options, but there are still a lot of them. Before you can even begin to worry about making money from your blog, you really need to drive some traffic to it first. A flow of steady traffic is best. I will be sharing some of the ones I use, and some I don't, in the coming weeks. You can of course buy traffic if you don't have the time to do the free traffic exchanges. If you use Google Adsense on your blog be sure to read their rules so you don't get yourself into any trouble. Basically you can not pay people to click your Google ads. They need to click them free and clear of their own choice, and interest. So now to Entrecard. Entrecard is a free traffic exchange system. No one is required to view your blog, leave comments, or click ads. If they do click on your blog you have the choice to view theirs back, hence the traffic exchange. You will get a Entrecard widget that you upload to your blog for others to drop on. Once you have earned some Entrecard credits you can use those credits to advertise your blog on other peoples blogs. I have been using Entrecard for two years on all of my blogs, and I have not been given any reason to stop. So click the banner below and start getting yourself some free traffic now.

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Welcome To My Earn Money At Home Site

Welcome to my make money at home site. There really are work from home jobs out there. Good ones, and legit ones. I will add a few other things in just for fun too. I currently have two other blogs, and guest post for another, plus moderate my ten year old sons homeschool writing blog. You can say I enjoy blogging.