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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Remembering Christmas

Last year I got an ereader for Christmas. We bought a simple and cheap one, just to be sure I would like it. So, this year I was going to ask Santa husband for a Kindle Fire. Then I saw the price, and decided an affordable tablet would do the same thing at more than half the price. So, I got a very affordable tablet that I love. It is wifi accessible and an ereader, which are the two things I wanted most. Of course it has other perks too. One of the first apps I put on my tablet was the Kindle app. This allows me to download books to my ereader from the Kindle store, plus each day you get a variety of books offered for free. One of the books I got, for free, was Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh. Now normally I read the same three authors and I love them. I do not stray from them very often. But, I decided to expand my reading wings and give some new authors a try. Remembering Christmas is a sweet and touching book. Well worth the read. I wouldn't say it was a rock star book, but at least 3.5 stars. It even made me cry a little. I think lots of people can relate to this book, so check it out. Soon I will be be doing a review on a couple of risque books. Definitely out of my reading scope, LOL!


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