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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Southern Strife ebook

I just finished Southern Strife last week. The original name of the book was changed from, The Promised Land, to Southern Strife. Only problem is the new title, and the image on the cover does not fit the story well at all. Yes, there was some racial tension, and the Klan even burned a cross, intimidated a biracial family, and one Klan member even killed an African American man. However, the true basis of this story was about a young girl struggling to deal with an alcoholic, slutty, and paranoid schizophrenic mother. The fact that it took place in the South during the sixties, does not make it a book about racial tensions. This poor girl, whose mother obviously loathed her, was jealous of her and did everything in her power to make sure she was not considered attractive or interesting. In the end the girl does escape, and though it never says for sure, hopefully made a lasting friendship with a biracial boy she became close to in her ordeal. A good book, but definitely not five stars as some readers claim. I give it three stars, should have left the title alone, and I might have given it four stars.

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