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Thursday, August 11, 2011

ChaCha Is Expanding To The UK

I have been working for ChaCha as an expiditor for three years now. There have been a lot of changes since then, but I still consider it my number one and best work from home opportunity. It is flexible and suits my needs so I can still homeschool m y children. Now ChaCha is expanding to the UK. UK citizens will be needed to Guide and answer questions to other UK residents. I am not sure how the pay structure, or anything else would be, but if you get in early your chances are best at getting hired. ChaCha has over 35,000 US Guides, so you can see a lot will be needed. If you are interested, I would prefer to be able to get a referral for referring you, so please when you sign up use my email in the referral box, so I get credit for referring you. Click this link to get started with ChaCha UK. Good luck!


Angela said...

I'd love to learn more about Cha Cha US.

Melissa said...

Angela you can contact me at for more info. Thank you.

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