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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook Page Exchange

Everyone can use more Facebook followers for their page. So, I am asking anyone who has a Facebook page to like my page by clicking the Like button in the above banner. You can't miss it, it is huge. In return leave me a comment with your Facebook name, and a link to your Facebook page and I will likewise like your pages. This is a great and easy way to promote your page, so please take advantage.

If anyone uses Entrecard, have you noticed it has been a bit slow and weird the last week? I have had several days where I could do barely any drops at all. Am I alone here? I use Firefox as a browser.


Dawn Conklin said...

You have a nice blog here Melissa! I seriously forgot about Entrecard for a little while. It is a wonderful place but I got side tracked with other sites so I am unsure about problems last week with it. I use chrome, not sure if that would make a difference tho.
I am already a fan on Facebook or I would hit the like button! keep up the great work here :)

Melissa said...

Thank you Dawn!

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