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Monday, October 10, 2011

Freelance Front End Developer

Title: Freelance Front-end Developer
Date Posted: 2011-10-07
Location: US / Canada
Legacy Motors is a suite of websites serving automotive enthusiasts. We're looking for a go-to front end developer. This is a freelance position and would average about 15 hours a month.

We are replacing a long-time colleague who will be sorely missed because of his high competency, good communications, thoughtful responses and excellent suggestions. He took pride in pixel-perfect precision.

Chris has a new job which consumes all his time now. Our loss. Here is what he told us about our requirements for this position:

* Can take design comps and hand-code using HTML, CSS
* Have a working knowledge of what works and doesn't work in various browsers
* Test across commonly used browsers and versions
* Have experience with using (and knowing when/where to use) HTML5, CSS3, image sprites, etc.
* Have experience in Javascript and Javascript libraries (ex. jQuery)

We look for someone who keeps up with latest proven approaches, and also meets deadlines s/he negotiates. We require your location anywhere within continental US or Canada.

Legacy Motors is a private, tight-knit enterprise that has incubated and managed websites since 1995. We are appreciative clients, good at cultivating rewarding relationships.

Please respond with resume + portfolio (URLs and your contribution / role) in body of email. No attachments! If your work has been primarily WordPress based, this isn't for you. Advise your hourly rate. If you feel like it, tell us briefly what you're looking for and what makes you shine.

Thank you

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