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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your House

Man I have had a crazy two weeks. I was bitten by a nasty spider, and have been nursing the wound ever since. I will finally return to work this Saturday. I will get a healthy tip post up soon, and another work at home find. But, first I want to talk about fleas. We live in Florida, and there are pretty much fleas here all year. Where there is sand, there are sand fleas. We have two dogs. A large dog, and a small dog. Since I despise bugs in my home, keeping fleas at bay is very important to me. People always ask me, how do you keep fleas off your dogs? First of all let me say you can not literally keep fleas off your dog or cat. We also have a rabbit, and it is important for him as well. He lives in an enclosed room in the garage, so fleas are not really a problem for him. This is what I do for the dogs. As a note we have tried every available product on the market. Most only work short term or not at all. We have also tried eco friendly options, such as Dawn dish soap, vinegar, bleach etc. While these might work they are very time consuming and need to be done every single day. Since having my home smell like vinegar is not really an option either, I stick to what works well. 1. Comfortis is what we use. It works for 30 days, and is an affordable chewable tablet. I will put up a link for anyone who might be interested in trying it. We only give it every 60 days, and one tablet gets split between both dogs. It works by killing the fleas, when the fleas bite your pet. It is about 20 dollars for the tablet for a large dog. So we pay about 120 dollars per year. In the winter, if we get a cold winter, we don't always give it over the winter months, so it is usually even less money. 2. If you can remove rugs from your home. If you can not be sure to vacuum everyday and shampoo the rugs at least once a month. 3. Bathe your pet frequently. In peak flea season, which is August and September here, they are bathed once a week. Other warm months, once a month, and winter time not at all unless warm enough. 4. I sweep or vacuum my tile floors every day. I also vacuum the living room furniture every single day. If a flea gets in your home they can begin laying eggs immediately. One flea can lay hundreds of eggs. Vacuuming your furniture, and then dump the dirt in the garbage and take it out, will alleviate egg laying issues. 5. If you do get an explosion of fleas, wash all floors, and curtains in hot water. You may have to bomb the house. We have only had to do this once, and it was before we started using the Comfortis. That is how we avoid the nasty fleas, and it works awesome!

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