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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buy A Tablet For Christmas

 I have been dead set about NOT getting one of these tablets.  I thought how dumb to carry around a big bulky thing that does not look user friendly, or undroppable/breakable with ease.  Last year I got an Ereader for Christmas.  A cheap one, 7 inches, yet I love it.  No wifi or anything fancy.  I wanted a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year.  Have been looking forward to getting one.  But, then I saw these 7 inch tablets, which by the way I think are the perfect size, and at an awesome price too.  I have already bought it, and I can use it as an ereader too.  I get it well before Christmas, but it will be wrapped up to go under the tree.  So, I can't play with it for a while.  We have a PC and a laptop, but with kids that I homeschool they are on it a lot, and I get less and less computer time.  This will be the perfect solution.  BTW I don't do Smart Phones either.  I don't know how anyone can do anything online on that little screen.  My old lady eyes are way too old for that, LOL!

Since we are so close to Christmas, I will be sharing my favorite products, wish list, buying list and just cool items some of you might love, in the next weeks.


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Melissa said...

Mine came today. I love it!

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