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Friday, April 26, 2013

Spam and More Work From Home Opportunities

I realize I have neglected this blog of late.  This is not intentional, just very busy and have not had time to search for new work at home jobs that are legit.  I homeschool my kids, and we are at the end of the school year, so I should be able to dedicate more time to this blog very soon.  In the mean time thanks for visiting, and check back often.  Check the archives, there is a lot of info there.  Also, if you spam me I will be removing these comments.  I have it set up so comments have to be approved before posting, but I think that setting is either not working or somehow I turned it off.  I will not tolerate spam.  If you want to advertise a site on this blog, contact me, please.  If you leave a decent comment that is pertinent to the topic and leave a website to share I will let that slide, but comments that are just spam will be deleted.  Thank you!



This is helpful information. I have something to add here.

If you are interested to earn by clicking some ads then you can join this by clicking the banner at

So far the site has been paying. So, I joined. I will keep updating you in case the site turns into scam.

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alex said...

We have the same situation, Melissa. But I am still a college student, needing to attend his classes everyday and doing online jobs at night.

I would like to suggest a startup company that is looking for more online workers. You may check out their Facebook page for available positions:

Don't forget to like the page! BTW, the owner also maintains good paying record in oDesk.

Have a nice day and more power to your blog and to you!

Anton said...

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Welcome to my make money at home site. There really are work from home jobs out there. Good ones, and legit ones. I will add a few other things in just for fun too. I currently have two other blogs, and guest post for another, plus moderate my ten year old sons homeschool writing blog. You can say I enjoy blogging.