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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Have Rejoined Clixsense

I was a member of Clixsense for several years, before I let my account go dormant. I have just recently started using it again, and I am pleased to say it is even better than before. One of the things I like best is they now can pay you with Paypal. Before it was always by check, which is OK, but Paypal is way more convenient. They also accept Payza which I have never heard of or used. This site is a reliable site, and while you won't become a millionaire it is an easy way to make a few extra bucks, and save for something fun. I am inviting you to join me, by clicking the banner below, and signing up today.


Leana said...

Hi, Melissa!

I saw this post on your blog and thought I would share little nugget of info in regards to very low-cost advertising.

To anyone in the home-based business industry (or any industry for that matter), you can advertise on ClixSense. You make money on this site by clicking on ads and viewing them for a certain length of time; you can also utilize ClixSense as a form of "lead generation" if you are already involved in a business venture. :)

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