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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healthy Thursday: Get Some Sunlight

The sun. All living things need sunlight to grow. That includes humans. Did you know your body can not adequately produce Vitamin D without sunlight? Even if you eat food and drinks, that are supplemented with Vitamin D, it may not be properly absorbed and utilized by your body. 10 minutes of sunlight, three days a week, will help you build stronger healthier bones. You need to have your legs and arms exposed, during that time period. Leave off the sunscreen and sunblock for these 10 minutes. Then apply after you have soaked up 10 minutes of sun. Try to do this in the not so hottest part of the day. Hotter sun does not equal better sun. A quick walk on your lunch break, or eating outdoors would be enough. Your body needs the sun. Also in the dark dreary days of winter, open up curtains and let the sun come in. Germs can not grow and thrive in sunlight. It is impossible. Germs like warm, dark and moist areas to thrive. Open the window and let in some fresh air as well.

This does not mean sitting in the sun for hours at a time, during peak heat is recommended. You need to be wise, because the sun can also be dangerous. Check your daily weather report and now what the time to burn is. That means if the time to burn is 15 minutes, your skin will burn after 15 minutes of sun exposure. Applying sunscreen with an SPF of 15 should give you 15 times 15 minutes of protection, or 225 minutes of protection. If you use a lower sunscreen you would need to multiply that number by the time to burn, to figure out when you need to apply it again. Get your sun in the morning, or evening, when the rays are not as intense. Be safe, be smart, and get some healthy bones in the process.


Mary said...

Excellent advise! Being in the sunshine always puts me in a better mood, too!

Melissa said...

Good point. Sunshine is a great treatment for the blues or depressed moods.

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