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Friday, April 13, 2012

Healthy Tip of the Week: Use Skim Milk

All right so I can't remember to post on Thursday, for the healthy tip, so I will just do it one day during the week when I remember. This is to help anyone who wants to lose weight, or just be healthier. To me they go hand in hand, though I suppose some people who are fortunate enough to eat badly, yet still be skinny, can be very unhealthy.

I can't believe how many adults still drink whole milk, or even 2% milk. The fat and cholesterol in these should be enough to convince you to switch to skim milk. Skim milk has no fat, zip, zero none and only 86 calories. Skim milk does have 8mg of Cholesterol per serving, which is technically a type of fat, but still less than whole milk. Whole milk has 146 calories, 8gm of fat, and 24 mg of cholesterol. Yikes you can see how milk can very quickly add to your waist line. But we need milk, it is very important source of calcium and protein. I don't even cook with whole milk either. All cheese is at least part skim. Of my two kids, my son switched to skim milk at the age of two, and my daughter still drinks whole milk only because she does not gain fat very easily at all. Most children don't need whole milk after a certain age. It just adds fat and calories to their diet. But you should always discuss with your Pediatrician. Switch to skim milk, and part skim cheese, and watch your diet and your waistline improve.

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