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Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy Thursday, Kindle Fire and Amazon

A while back I had been doing a fun post on this blog, about eating and being healthy. I stopped, but now I want to start it up again. I have lost twenty pounds with diet moderation and exercise. I want to share some of the things I have learned about myself, diet and exercise with all of you. So for this weeks Healthy Thursday tip, I am going to share that to reduce sodium in my diet, yet get that taste, I use Red Wine Vinegar on meats and cooked veggies. It is great on salads as well. You only need a little bit, few shakes, and it is awesome. You can use more on meats, because the meat soaks it up. I very rarely ever cook with salt anymore, and have limited the table salt as well, for everyone, not just me. Sodium makes you retain water, thereby inhibiting weight loss. If you have kidney disease, or any other disease, do not limit your diet without consulting your doctor or dietitian first. I am a healthy 42 yr old woman with no underlying illnesses.

I want a Kindle Fire! My husband got me a Kobo reader for Christmas, and I love it. Now I want one with all the bells and whistles. I probably will have to wait until Christmas again, but I am a very patient woman, well most of the time, lol!

Speaking of Amazon, did you know you can sign up to put items on your blog, and if anyone buys anything from your blog you will get a percentage. Be sure to read the terms, because some states it is not allowed. Now I will admit I am not a great salesperson, but I have made a few dollars doing it. If you are a better salesperson than me, what can it hurt? Just click the Amazon link to check it out.

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