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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Your Credit Shot?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of credit repair. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you got really bad credit, either by your own fault, or the fault of others? Did you know you can actually repair your own credit by contacting the credit bureaus and disputing the findings? The credit bureaus must investigate any complaints you make. However, this is very time consuming for you and there is a much easier way to do it.

You can hire a credit repair service to do it for you. These companies excel in credit repair fixes, with over 1 million credit fixes per year.

The credit repair service company will contact the credit bureaus, and your creditors, on your behalf. They will request your credit report to get a full look at your credit score, and any negative items it may have. You will have to agree to do some, or all of the following things:

1- Stop applying for more credit. The more credit you apply for, the more your score will go down. It actually is marked against you every single time you apply for more credit, even if you are denied.

2- You credit to debt ratio will be figured out, so you can pay down the debt that you already have. This is very important as this is the primary factor that effects your overall credit score. You not only do this by paying off debt you already have, but by not getting new debt, see number 1.

3- There are many different types of credit. The credit repair service will work with your debtors to bring all your debts together and allow you to pay in one monthly payment for all of them, with a lowered or sometimes even no interest rate.

4- You must pay this new agreed to, combined debtor monthly fee on time, every single month. No excuses will be allowed. It is basically a last chance effort to help you fix your credit, and get out of debt. This may include you having to cosign with family members to help you to pay on time each month. Each company is different so be sure to know what you are agreeing to do, before you agree to do it.

The very best way to repair your credit is to not make new debt, pay on time, and dispute the negative, and even erroneous items on your credit report. With the help of a top rated credit repair service you can get your life, and your credit back. Don't waste time thinking about it, take action and get some answers today!

Visit my sponsor: Credit Repair

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