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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Readbud: Get Paid To Read And Rate Articles

I have been a member of Readbud for about two months. At first it was moving along nicely, and I was quite pleased. Though I could not understand how rating articles that you have no perameters on how to rate them would be beneficial to anyone. But I was making about $1.25/day, and payout is $50 dollars with Paypal, so I was willing to go along. Then they upgraded their site. They have always offered ads you can click on, like many other sites. If you click them it helps you to get more articles. Great, so far so good. Now every single day I get at least 20 popups, and redirects, and am only making about 70 cents per day despite clicking tons of their ads. I have an awesome pop up blocker, so you know if that many are getting through it is a royal pain, and only a way for them to make money. I am afraid I don't think this site will be around for long, and probably will quickly not be able to pay their members. They do have a referral program, and forums, so if you want to brave it and try Readbud just click right here. This is not a referral link, as I have decided to delete them from my list of sites I use, as I do not honestly think this is going to be a fruitful site for me.

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