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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adsense For Your Blog

If you have a blog you probably have heard of Adsense. I have a few blogs, and I have Adsense on each of them. It is a way for your blog to make money by placing paid ads on it. They system will automatically read and grab the content you post, so the ads are targeted to your blog. Payout is 100 dollars and takes on average 1 year to earn. However, as your blog grows your earnings can come faster. My first payout took one and a half years. This second payout took 12 months.

They have very strict rules, and you must follow them. The biggest reason people lose their Adsense account is by clicking their own ads, or asking/paying others to do it. I am unsure how they know you are doing this, but they do, and they suspend your account rather quickly. Adsense is free, and no maintenance at all, so add it to your blog and start making some extra cash.

1 comment:

Aysha said...

I have heard of adsense and got it on mine too... Thanks for this would help those who are just getting started

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