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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Barefoot Books Sale Ages 4-7

Now through February 8th, Barefoot Books is having their winter sale. Here are the titles for sale in the 4-7 age group, and their sale price.

Skip Through the Seasons- 9.99
Babushka- 14.99
Herb the Vegetarian Dragon- 12.99
Home For A Tiger, Home For A Bear- 12.99
We're Riding on A Caravan- 12.99
We're Sailing to Galapagos- 12.99 a personal favorite of mine
Animal Boogie Fun Activities- 2.99 a great way to try Barefoot Books
The Real Princess- 12.99
Up, Up, Up- 12.99
The Journey Home From Granpa's Fun Activities- 2.99
Elephant Dance- 12.99
Zig Zag Zebra- 2.99
What's This- 5.99
Dotty Spotty Doodles- 3.99 drawing book
Emily's Tiger- 12.99
First Morning- 9.99
Pirates Fun Activities- 2.99
Riddle Me This- 8.99
Someone I Like- 9.99
The Tear Thief- 12.99
Up and Down the Andes- 12.99
Bear at Work Fun Activities- 2.99

As you can see some of these are as low as 2.99 and are a great way for you to try out Barefoot Books without spending a small fortune. Click right here to go to my Barefoot Bookstore and start looking around. Please feel free to ask any questions you need to. Check out the other age groups with books for sale as well.

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