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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scams, Comments and Thanksgiving Decor

First off Cash2refer is a scam. I posted about it a bit ago. Well I made my payout, rather effortlessly, when I requested payout it immediately said my account was deactivated for some unknown reason. I attempted to contact customer service, and the email failed over ten times. So, there is no customer service at all. That makes it a scam. Don't join it, it is a waste of your time. And trust me, nothing irritates me more than wasting my time. Link Vehicle, however does appear to be legit. I will know on the first of November when they pay me. I love Fall, especially Thanksgiving. Because, here in FL, we don't get a lot of leaf change, I decorate a lot for Fall. I grew up in the North and miss the Fall foliage a lot. Thanksgiving is also my husband's favorite holiday. So, after the next few months, I will be sharing ideas for the holidays. Not necessarily work at home, but have fun at home. I hope to find some seasonal jobs to share as well. Now, for the comments. A while ago I turned on comment moderation because I was spam comments. I hate spam almost as much as time wasting. This is my third blog, and I moderate my son's writing blog for homeschool, so I am quite busy. So, this blog gets put to the end of all other things. So, if you left me a comment sometime ago, I apologize. There were a lot of very nice comments, and just a few spam. So, a very big improvement. Keep leaving me your comments. I love to hear from you.


kumbha godara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Percy Boyer said...

Hey Melissa! There were so many scam work at home jobs online. I was was also a victim but luckily I found a client from an outsourcing company as a VA. I am a certified WAHM now. Will have to try link vehicle if it goes well with you, I still have more hours left to cater more tasks. Anyway, Have a great day ahead! Good luck to us!

Melissa said...

Yes, Percy Boyer good luck to us both. I have to figure out with Link Vehicle why I got so many requests at first, but now they have tapered off. There must be a catch. When I get time I will look into it more. Thanks

Percy Boyer said...

I hope it goes well with you. Thanks again!

Anonymous said... try this one, it really does work, I've tried quite a few myself, my very own friend told me about this one and I too was sceptical but gave it a go coz I have nothing to lose, I did and voila, earning real money, not as much as the usually promise you can make, but enough for the little effort.

Freight Broker Agent Online said...

I agree with you percy... Scam is everywhere now even if you look up before my comment it Good luck to us!

IInstitute for Internet Safety said...

Hi Mel! Thanks for mentioning link vehicle. I will try this on my new website. Thanks!

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