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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Advertise On Melissas Barefoot Blog

As you can see this blog is still fairly new, and I have tons of space for people to put advertising. For the remainder of 2010 anyone who wants to purchase a 125x125 banner on this blog will pay only $1.00 per month, or $ 12.00 for the year. If you buy a year before the end of 2010 that rate will go over into 2011 until your year is up. This is for purchases of yearly ads, not monthly. Because I plan on the PR going up, advertising rates will as well, next year. You can put your store, blog, website, or even a referral link if you choose to. I will not accept offensive, porn, or illegal sites, anything else is good. To contact me email me at After payment has been arranged, and made with Paypal, your ad will be posted within 48 hours. Currently Paypal is the only payment method I am accepting. I actively advertise and promote this blog, so hurry and get your ad in, at such awesome rates. You will have to already have a 125x125 ad and supply me with the code to it. I do not make the ads. There are free sites that you can make an ad on.

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