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Friday, July 30, 2010

Stay Safe In Your Golden Years

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Medical Guardian. All opinions are 100% mine.

None of us are getting any younger, and a lot of us have parents, friends, or other loved ones in their elder years that live alone. A slip, trip, or fall can be both frightening and dangerous for anyone let alone an elderly person. We always think it won't happen to me, or my loved one, but statistics show that is just not true. For example poor lighting, a dog or cat, wrinkle in the rug, wet floor, or even poor balance are all things that can cause a fall and break a bone rendering you unable to get up.

I am sure you have heard of medical emergency devices that you wear around your neck. This device known as the Medical Guardian can keep you or your loved one safe. It works very simply. All you do is press the button when you need assistance, and can not get to your phone to call for help. The device immediately makes an alarm at your local EMS office. A live person will pick up the phone, and you simply talk telling them what is wrong. An ambulance will be there to assist you up, and transport you to the hospital if necessary.

I think we are all afraid of falling and injuring ourselves, especially as we get older. Statistics show that only one fall can change an elderly person's life forever. You might have a long rehab, and even have to be in a nursing home for a little bit of time. No one wants to lose their independence, and going to the nursing home is very frightening to most people. So what are some tips for preventing falls? Clean up all spills immediately, make sure electric cords do not run all over the floors causing tripping, have a rug instead of tile floors especially tile floors with those scatter rugs, wear slip resistant shoes even in your home, if you want a pet for company have a smaller dog that will not jump and knock you down. Even smaller dogs, or even cats can get under your feet and cause you to trip and fall. So be sure to pick a breed that is not hyper and is known for being well behaved. Always have good lighting so you can see well, especially at night. You can keep your loved ones safe, have peace of mind, and know that they will be cared for when you can't be around. A Medical Guardian medical alert system is just what you and your family need to be sure that happens. Be sure to visit the Medical Guardian site and see all your options, and learn more about how it all works. Be safe, and healthy in your Golden Years. They are after all supposed to be your time to relax and enjoy life.

Visit my sponsor: Medical Alert System


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