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Friday, July 23, 2010

Make Money Writing Articles With Textbroker

I personally do work for this site. You will get paid to write articles, on topics of your choice, for a predetermined amount of money. You do have to write an article, on the topic of your choice, to get rated and be accepted. All writers are ranked and that determines the articles you can choose from. You always have an opportunity to increase your rank, and get the higher paid articles. Every article you write will be ranked by a Textbroker manager. They pay twice a month, with Paypal, and I have been paid several times. You must have at least a ten dollar balance to request payout. You can write as many articles as you like. I do not write everyday for them, but I do try to do it every few days. There is a time limit, and keyword musts for each article, so be sure to read all the directions before excepting an article. I believe it is after three or five articles that you write, you will be prompted by Textbroker to provide them with tax information. You will not be able to write any more articles until you have supplied the info. I mailed mine to them, and it was very fast, and easy. If you would like to write articles for Textbroker, then click right here. Good luck!

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