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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Make Meals For Busy Moms?

I actually read about this idea in a Woman's magazine. They were giving ways to make money from home, and one of them was to prepare meals for busy working moms. The idea is you advertise you are making lasagna that day and have x amount of servings available to anyone who can pick it up, with the price listed. The recommended using Facebook and other social media sites to promote your product. I find this very intriguing because I think it would be of great benefit to working moms, and bring in extra cash to the home. What they didn't say though, was does this make you a restaurant, a seller of food, what regulations would you need to follow, what are you allowed to do and not do? I have not found the answers yet. If anyone has any experience with this, I would love to hear more. Please share with all my readers.


Catherine said...

I would also wonder about that, seems like a lot of information was left out of the article. Blessings, Catherine

Melissa said...

It certainly left me wondering.

Aysha said...

I have heard of this done before. not in states though...Well they basically say you can order a few days in advance and get a few homecooked meals ready to pick up...its easy when you get so busy you cant cook..wish I could find something like that near me..I am no cook so I wont be doing this from home :)

Melissa said...

I would actually not mind doing this for busy moms. I need way more info though, as to the laws pertaining to it, if there even are any for this type of thing.

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