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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Healthy Thursday: Reading For Good Health

I could do several posts on stress, and the effects it has on the body. Matter of fact I probably will, LOL. Today I am going to focus on reading for stress reduction. I love to read. I read every night before I go to bed. I actually read all day, since I homeschool, blog, and nursing education means I read a lot. But my night time reading is almost always purely for relaxation and fun. Did you also know that not only can reading help you to clear your mind and relax, but it can also enhance your mind and educate. Alzheimers research shows that one of the best ways to prevent Alzheimers is to continuously use your brain. Reading uses a big part of your brain not only to recognize old words but to learn new ones as well. Your brain will require you to comprehend what you are reading. Then if you decide to review the book, your brain requires you to recall what you read, and use learned writing techniques to write the review. Reading is an affordable and easy way to relax, and keep your brain young. If you have a blog, like me, you can join Blogging For Books. Once your blog has been accepted you get to choose a book, read the book, then review the book. I just did my very first review, and you can see the book I reviewed, and my review, by clicking this link. You can then rate my review. I would appreciate all reviews anyone can give me. So hurry on over, sign yourself up, read my review, and rate me. I do not believe you have to sign up to rate my review. So check it out.


Chris said...

I love reading too. I think it relaxes you so well because you get pulled into the story and your mind is totally engrossed in it and you can forget about all the other things pulling at you all day.

P.S. I love your blog's background - looks very familiar to me hah hah. Have a great weekend

Melissa said...

Chris that is a good point. You have to concentrate on your reading, instead of all the stress in your life. You have an awesome weekend too!

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