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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healthy Thursday: National Nutrtion Month

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month, and February was National Heart Health Awareness Month? Well they are. Today for Healthy Thursday we are talking eating healthy and nutrition. Below are two books one for kids, and one for adults, that can help you learn to eat better and get better nutrition. I know for me eating healthy is a challenge. I love snack foods, mainly salty ones, and I like food that tastes good not bland. Cutting down on fat and salt is an important goal for me. I do not cook with salt anymore, rather use garlic or other spices to flavor my food. I do add some at the table but very little. I try to bake or grill as much as possible, as opposed to frying the food. Here in the South frying is an integral part of all cooking, so eating out can be a challenge as well. Get your kids eating healthy young, and they will thank you in the future. They may not always follow what you teach them, but knowledge is the best way to get kids eating healthy, and of course by setting the example yourself. To purchase the childrens book, please visit my Barefoot Book Store. 10% of all my commissions I make in March, will be donated to the Hunger Site. To purchase the cooking book, just click the banner. Happy and Healthy Thursday.

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