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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Money With You Data

This appears to be a paid to click, or paid to view ads type site. I am not a member yet, but I am planning on signing up to check it out. Not many paid to click sites are worth the time, but I found this one on several different legit work from home sites. You can sign up by clicking the link right here. It is not a referral link. One note you do have a valid email, and be able to receive one text on a cell phone for verification purposes. I believe you have to live in the US as well. Let me know if you have used You Data and if you found it good, or bad.


Femmepower said...

So sad it ain't for me. I've tried a paid-to-click program before, it's called Neobux. It was legit and i earned from it. The time you spend on it is less than the time you spend dropping EC,lol!Yet, the money is real.Not that big though, but it's real. Good luck on making money online,Melissa! Try also LinkFromBlog, I wrote about it on my blog.It's a paid posts program.=)

Melissa said...

Ms Rochelle I have saved that one from your blog, I just haven't gotten to it yet. I have so many to check and see if they are legit it takes forever with everything else I do. I know Neobux pays, but I do not care for paid to click as much as the other ways to make money.

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