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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update On You Data

Last week I posted about a new website I found called You Data. They said they made payout every Friday with Paypal. I had $2.15 in my account, and they did pay me exactly on Friday. So I can say this is a paying site. Now 2 dollars a week might not be a lot, but for the amount of time it takes, and if you just leave it in your Paypal account and save it, it will build up over time. Because I use a lot of my online earnings for gifts, and savings it just goes in the pool of money. I have no idea if this is what I will average every week. It could be more, it could be less. If you are an advertiser check out their ad rates. If you would like to join You Data, click right here.


rochelle@mom-says said...

That's good to know,Melissa.That's way better than expecting nothing.Keep it up.I'm a sucker for savings too.Just leave it there and you'll be surprised how it grows overtime when you accumulate your earnings.

Melissa said...

You never know when you might need a few extra bucks that just happens to be there for you.

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