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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Win A Dream Kitchen With Mission Menus Summer Challenge

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Mission Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever heard of Mission Flour Tortillas? If not, now you have. We love tortillas here at my house. Mission Flour Tortillas are healthy, and inexpensive. Did you know you can feed a whole family for ten bucks or less using Mission Flour Tortillas? Now you can win a free kitchen by entering the Mission Menus Challenge. To enter you have to come up with a recipe using Mission Flour Tortillas, that can feed a family of five for ten dollars or less. You only have until August 9th to get your recipes in, so don't dilly dally.

So now that the formal stuff is over what about Mission Flour Tortillas the Company? Mission Foods is a major sponsor of Share Our Strength to help end childhood hunger in America. Mission Flour Tortillas contain zero cholesterol, and zero grams of trans fat per serving. That not enough to convince you to try them. They come in three different sizes for the ultimate convenience and recipe versatility. What do I make with Mission Flour Tortillas? You can be so creative with these. I especially love them in the hot weather, because who wants to cook? Make fajitas with steak, ground beef, turkey, chicken or go meatless and add beans. Make a grilled peanut butter and jelly tortilla, and sprinkle on powdered sugar at the end of grilling. Serve them warm, and your kids will beg for more. My absolute favorite, however, is to warm Cheese Wiz then spread it on the Mission Flour Tortilla. Add shredded lettuce, ground beef, diced tomatoes, small amount of salsa and sour cream and voila a Chalupa is born. At least I think it is a Chalupa, that is what we call them. You can make it even more healthy by using ground turkey, or making a fish fajita, or chalupa. Make it a completely cold sandwich by adding sliced turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Then roll them up into little rolls seal with a toothpick and you have fancy little sandwiches. Turkey salad, chicken salad, BLT's, it doesn't matter they are all awesome. And did you know that tortillas have way less calories, and fat than two slices of bread?

Feeding a family of five does not have to be expensive. Just ask all of us who love Mission Flour Tortillas. If you are creative, frugal, and have a great recipe for Mission Flour Tortillas, then head over to their website, and win yourself a free kitchen. Good luck!

Visit my sponsor: Mission Menus Challenge

Make Money Online With Mylot

This website is an easy and fun way to make a little extra cash each month. I have been with them for a couple of years, and it is basically a get paid forum. You post topics, or answer other peoples topics. I believe it is one cent per response. Payout is 10 dollars, they pay monthly with Paypal. You do not have to be in the US to work there, and like I said it is fun. I don't have enough time to spend there that I would like to, but I try to do it daily. I have not put up my referral link, but you can refer members to the site. Check it out at Mylot. Oh I forgot to say they have added a task, and search option to make more money but I have never tried them.

The Journey Home From Grandpa's Sing Along Songs And Activity Book

This lovely book will teach your child all about different types of travel. There are three different formats available: hardcover with sing along songs CD, soft cover with sing along CD, and just soft cover. There is also a fun activity book that is sold separately and currently on sale for 4.99. The video below is cute, and is a sample of the book and CD. To purchase the book and CD visit my Barefoot Book Store and be sure to check out their awesome summer sale, it ends soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Stay Safe In Your Golden Years

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Medical Guardian. All opinions are 100% mine.

None of us are getting any younger, and a lot of us have parents, friends, or other loved ones in their elder years that live alone. A slip, trip, or fall can be both frightening and dangerous for anyone let alone an elderly person. We always think it won't happen to me, or my loved one, but statistics show that is just not true. For example poor lighting, a dog or cat, wrinkle in the rug, wet floor, or even poor balance are all things that can cause a fall and break a bone rendering you unable to get up.

I am sure you have heard of medical emergency devices that you wear around your neck. This device known as the Medical Guardian can keep you or your loved one safe. It works very simply. All you do is press the button when you need assistance, and can not get to your phone to call for help. The device immediately makes an alarm at your local EMS office. A live person will pick up the phone, and you simply talk telling them what is wrong. An ambulance will be there to assist you up, and transport you to the hospital if necessary.

I think we are all afraid of falling and injuring ourselves, especially as we get older. Statistics show that only one fall can change an elderly person's life forever. You might have a long rehab, and even have to be in a nursing home for a little bit of time. No one wants to lose their independence, and going to the nursing home is very frightening to most people. So what are some tips for preventing falls? Clean up all spills immediately, make sure electric cords do not run all over the floors causing tripping, have a rug instead of tile floors especially tile floors with those scatter rugs, wear slip resistant shoes even in your home, if you want a pet for company have a smaller dog that will not jump and knock you down. Even smaller dogs, or even cats can get under your feet and cause you to trip and fall. So be sure to pick a breed that is not hyper and is known for being well behaved. Always have good lighting so you can see well, especially at night. You can keep your loved ones safe, have peace of mind, and know that they will be cared for when you can't be around. A Medical Guardian medical alert system is just what you and your family need to be sure that happens. Be sure to visit the Medical Guardian site and see all your options, and learn more about how it all works. Be safe, and healthy in your Golden Years. They are after all supposed to be your time to relax and enjoy life.

Visit my sponsor: Medical Alert System


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kangaroos Have Joeys Board Book For Children

Kangaroos Have Joeys
Learn the names of twenty-four animals and their babies in this simple rhyming text. Notes at the end enhance the experience, with facts about the habitats of each of the featured animals.

Ages 2 to 6 years

This lovely educational, rhyming board book is currently on sale in My Barefoot Book Store, for $11.99. Don't miss the opportunity to get this awesome book for your child, grandchild, daycare, school, or homeschools.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Only 6 Days Left To Win These Awesome Earrings

Hurry over to my Jewelry Blog, there is only six days left to win these White Topaz earrings made by me. One lucky winner will win them. Be sure to read the whole post, so your entry is valid. Contest ends on July 31st at 8 PM.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Make Money Writing Articles With Textbroker

I personally do work for this site. You will get paid to write articles, on topics of your choice, for a predetermined amount of money. You do have to write an article, on the topic of your choice, to get rated and be accepted. All writers are ranked and that determines the articles you can choose from. You always have an opportunity to increase your rank, and get the higher paid articles. Every article you write will be ranked by a Textbroker manager. They pay twice a month, with Paypal, and I have been paid several times. You must have at least a ten dollar balance to request payout. You can write as many articles as you like. I do not write everyday for them, but I do try to do it every few days. There is a time limit, and keyword musts for each article, so be sure to read all the directions before excepting an article. I believe it is after three or five articles that you write, you will be prompted by Textbroker to provide them with tax information. You will not be able to write any more articles until you have supplied the info. I mailed mine to them, and it was very fast, and easy. If you would like to write articles for Textbroker, then click right here. Good luck!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Advertise On Melissas Barefoot Blog

As you can see this blog is still fairly new, and I have tons of space for people to put advertising. For the remainder of 2010 anyone who wants to purchase a 125x125 banner on this blog will pay only $1.00 per month, or $ 12.00 for the year. If you buy a year before the end of 2010 that rate will go over into 2011 until your year is up. This is for purchases of yearly ads, not monthly. Because I plan on the PR going up, advertising rates will as well, next year. You can put your store, blog, website, or even a referral link if you choose to. I will not accept offensive, porn, or illegal sites, anything else is good. To contact me email me at After payment has been arranged, and made with Paypal, your ad will be posted within 48 hours. Currently Paypal is the only payment method I am accepting. I actively advertise and promote this blog, so hurry and get your ad in, at such awesome rates. You will have to already have a 125x125 ad and supply me with the code to it. I do not make the ads. There are free sites that you can make an ad on.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trade, Buy and Sell With SupaSwap

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SupaSwap Corporation. All opinions are 100% mine.


I think we can agree we have all heard of Ebay. Now there is a new, and very interesting site calledSupaswap. Supaswap is an auction, buying, and trading platform website all rolled into one new site. I have been to their site, and I find it very interesting and appealing. Not only can you make money by posting things you may not want or need, but you can trade items, and bid on items you may want or need. It is a secure website and you can pay with Paypal. The site is free to use, but there are fees that come with selling and trading, so be sure to read all the terms of use before you begin. Unlike Ebay you have a grace period to back out of the transaction should you change your mind, or run into a financial bind. Since the buyer pays the commission fee to Supaswap, not the seller, for buying items, the seller never has to fight over fees lost. If you trade an item both parties pay a small commission fee to Supaswap, before the transaction can proceed. I love this concept.

The other very cool thing is that all members of the family can add things they may want to trade, or sell. So say your ten year old son wants to get rid of some video games, and sees some he would like to trade for, he can do so. There are parenting controls for the different age groups allowed, so that it is safe and secure for all involved. Plus they have a monthly game where the top sellers get points that can be used in the future.

Be sure to check out the fact that this site sells in different currencies, much like Ebay. So be sure to contact the seller to ask for the amount both the item, and shipping will cost in whatever currency you will be using. It is very important because you could bid on something, and it cost way more than you expected, especially shipping. Always ask for shipping with delivery confirmation, and pay with Paypal for the ultimate safety and guarantees of getting your item. Whatever you do be sure to check this site. I know I am going to give it a try, and see how it goes. I already see a few things I could definitely use. Simply click the visit sponsor button below, and get started.

Visit my sponsor: Swapping is the New Form of Shopping

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Barefoot Books Annual Summer Sale

From now until August 1, 2010 Barefoot Books is having their annual summer sale. In case you are wondering Barefoot Books are award winning children's books. I have been an affiliate saleswoman for a few months now. These books are high quality, educational, and fun. They have gift items as well, not just books. Be sure to click this link right here, to visit my Barefoot Books store, and check out all the sale items. I own these books, my children love these books, and so will yours.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk

I found out about this website a few months ago. While I have not made enough money to say it could support me, I have made enough to buy books, and other items from that I needed or wanted. It is fairly easy, and you have to simply complete the task as assigned. If you have enough time, I am sure you could make some real decent money. They will transfer the money right to your bank account, and no you don't have to live in the US to work there. To check it out click this link right here. It is not a referral link, though I never could understand why that would bother someone. If someone is nice enough to tell you a good, legitimate, work from home job, why would you not want to say they referred you? Strange if you ask me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Jewelry Blog Is Giving Away A Free Pair Of Earrings

I am a gemstone collector, and I also make jewelry. I am giving away this pair of lovely earrings. If you would like to enter go to Melissas Jewelry and Gems, to see how to enter. It is free, and it is easy to enter. One lucky person will win.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Make Money With Toluna

If you would like a fun survey site, as opposed to the boring ones I have tried in the past, then you need to get over to Toluna. Toluna is not just a survey site, but a social network as well. You earn points for taking sponsored surveys, plus points from starting polls, starting opinion topics, responding to others polls, and responding to others opinion topics. Once you have made 60,000 points you can convert them to 20 dollars and request a check. They do accept Paypal as well, but it seems they are paying with checks right now. This would not be something that would be full time, but a fun way to make a little extra cash. The members do get paid in a timely fashion, so it is a legitimate site.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starlight Sailor From Barefoot Books

Starlight Sailor
Drift to dreamland after this imagination adventure. A young boy and his dog set sail to distant lands in the enchanting dream landscape, where singing mermaids, majestic whales and flying dragons are brought to life by the lilting, rhyming prose and ethereal illustrations.

Ages 2 to 6 years

Written By: James Mayhew

Illustrated By: Jackie Morris

Hardcover ($ 16.99)
To purchase this book go to my Barefoot Book Store, and be sure to check out their sale books, they are awesome. If you would like to join my Barefoot Book's team contact me at and I will tell you how.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Work From Home As A Notary

Did you know you can work from home as a notary? Yes you can. You can have people come to your home to have paperwork notarized, or you can go to them. The link will take you to becoming a Florida notary, but just click for the state you live in. You do have to take and pass an exam, to be certified. Before the exam you will take a short course. I am considering doing this myself, when I get the free time to take the course, and exam. It sounds like a good way to make extra money from home. Good Luck!

Monday, July 5, 2010

NMEDA Helping The Disabled And Elderly Become Independant Again

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are disabled or elderly, or if you are the caregiver for an elderly or disabled person, than you know transportation can always be a major challenge to your day. Transportation to doctor appointments, shopping, and even social events can be something very stressful to everyone in involved. Now you can visit a local NMEDA company and check out the vans, and accessories to make any car or van that can help make anyone independent again. If you put your zip code in the business finder box you will see where the closest one is to you. When I put my zip code in the nearest NMEDA dealer was 47 miles away, not bad considering the very rural area I live in.

So what exactly is NMEDA? NMEDA which stands for, National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, is a non trade association that will help you find a qualified mobility expert near you. NMEDA itself does not sell anything, their job is to aid you in finding a mobility expert that can help you become independent again. Because everyone's disability is different, no one product will work for everyone. NMEDA dealers will aid you in figuring out what you, and your vehicle need to be adapted to fit your mobility needs. It could be a lift for a wheelchair, special steering wheel adaptations, special foot and brake pedals, and many more. No one should feel like they have been robbed of their independence. NMEDA will help you through the whole process including answering your questions, evaluating your needs, and fitting you with the adaptations needed, and re-evaluation to be sure they are working for you. NMEDA has to follow the same strict driving standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

You probably have seen where you can purchase wheelchair vans, or adapted vehicles, over the internet. This can be dangerous, and not meet your needs at all, yet take your money. Click the link to visit the NMEDA website, browse around, type in your zip code, and then visit the closest NMEDA dealer to you, and start being independent again.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Make Money With Neobux

If you like to do PTC sites, and want one that actually pays its members, then you should join Neobux. PTC sites are a great way to start your work from home opps, because they are simple, and you can get a feel for how a lot of these sites work.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Help Support PBS

Do you and your children love PBS? Then with every purchase of this PBS kids collection from my Barefoot Books store, five dollars of every sale will go directly to PBS. This is an awesome set, at only $19.99 you get three books, and the bag, and you get to donate to a great cause. PBS offers all kinds of educational shows for both kids and adults. You get Off We Go To Mexico, We All Went On Safari, and We're Sailing Down the Nile. Each book is soft cover and educational. I bought this set as an adjunct to our Story of the World Ancient Times curriculum.

Support the Public Broadcasting System, otherwise known as PBS, and hop on over to Melissas Barefoot Book Store, to purchase your set. Read all about each book, and look around for all their other great items.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do You Run Out Of Gift Ideas For Family And Friends?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is always a birthday, holiday, wedding or other special event that you just run out of ideas of gift ideas. Plus if you are like me and you live in one place, and most of your family and friends live in another place shipping, and packaging can be a real pain. That leads me to tell you about FriendGiftr.

Friendgiftr is an ingenious website where you can purchase a gift card from over 120 different merchants who take part in the program. These are name brand companies such as Red Lobster, Gap, Dell, Banana Republic, Macys, and so many more. It is easy you pick the card you want to send, such as Red Lobster, which is the one we have used so many times, customize your card, and then send it. Simple, fast, and efficient and that is why I love it. We usually pick food gift cards because who doesn't like to go out to eat once in a while.

Plus there are other great benefits of using Friendgiftr. For one they have a wide range of available amounts for each card, starting at $10 all the way up to $100, giving you the flexibility to not have to spend too much. This is especially handy if you have a lot of gifts to give. You can use Friendgiftr from their website, Facebook, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android making it even more convenient and easy for you to never worry about getting a gift there on time. The best thing that I like, other than the already cool things I mentioned, is that the person you are giving the gift card to can exchange it for another if they want or need to. They just simply pick a different merchant, and the balance is transferred to that gift card. So maybe the person in my family doesn't actually like Red Lobster, they can exchange it for Applebees or any other merchant available on Friendgiftr.

Gift cards will continue to grow in popularity due to increased availability, convenience, and flexibility of choices. Be a star when you give your next gift, and use Friendgiftr, the only real choice for your loved ones to get what they really wanted.

Visit my sponsor: America's Favorite Gift Cards

Buy Handmade Gifts My Etsy Store

Welcome To My Earn Money At Home Site

Welcome to my make money at home site. There really are work from home jobs out there. Good ones, and legit ones. I will add a few other things in just for fun too. I currently have two other blogs, and guest post for another, plus moderate my ten year old sons homeschool writing blog. You can say I enjoy blogging.